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The Solution for Virtual Receipt Tracking.


For PayTrail Users

PayTrail is a platform that allows for receipt storage in one virtual place. At checkout, users are able to share a scannable code and receive a digital copy of their receipt. From there, users are able to search for receipts by date or store; allowing for easy access, tracking and budgeting.

Behind The Scenes

The PayTrail platform creates a pathway to transfer receipt data from the merchant to the customer. By directly linking to Point of Sale systems, users are able to receive accurate information about their purchase. This solution eliminates the need for merchants to print paper receipts.

Merchants are also able to create loyalty programs, offer coupons, and directly advertise to consumers.

Our Vision

Large-scale elimination of waste and increased convenience of purchase tracking.

Our Proposition

To provide our customers a platform that gives consumers the ability to virtually track and organize their spending all while participating in the waste reduction movement.

If we all change a little, the world can change a lot.


Why PayTrail?

Consumer Benefits

Waste Reduction

Environmental benefits, reduce in carbon footprint.

User Convenience

Purchase tracking & budgeting, virtual receipt sharing.


Reduces clutter, simplifies purchases and returns.

Company Benefits

Receipt Paper Costs

Eliminate Receipt Expenses.

Environmental Goals

Company’s environmental goals are reached faster

Customer Convenience

Simplified transactions, reduced till time

Join PayTrail

Our goal is to eliminate paper receipts in Canada by 2030. Join the paper-free movement today!