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The Solution for Virtual Receipt Tracking.


For PayTrail Users

PayTrail is a platform that allows for receipt storage in one virtual place. At checkout, users are able to receive a digital copy of their receipt. From there, users are able to search for receipts by date or store; allowing for easy access, tracking and waste reduction. 


Behind The Scenes

The PayTrail platform creates a pathway to transfer receipt data from the retailer to the customer. By creating a direct transfer, users are able to receive accurate information about their purchase. This solution eliminates the need for retailers to print paper receipts.

Our Vision

To eliminate all paper receipts by making every receipt, a PayTrail receipt.

Our Mission

To accelerate the global waste reduction movement and empower people to do their part.

If We All Change A Little, The World Can Change A Lot.


Why PayTrail?

Consumer Benefits


Keep a closer eye on your purchases and budget more effectively with all your receipts in one place.

Waste Reduction

One small change can reduce your impact in a big way.

Universal Storage

Say goodbye to your mountain of loose paper! Never worry about losing a receipt  again.

Company Benefits

Receipt Paper Costs

Eliminate unnecessary paper costs.

Environmental Goals

Reach your goals faster with one easy implementation.

Customer Engagement

Advertise on the digital receipt page and instantly notify customers about surveys and deals.

Join PayTrail

Did you know retail stores in Canada generate about 17.5 million kilograms of receipt paper waste per year?