About Us

Making sustainability possible for everyone.

PayTrail is a platform committed to eliminating receipt paper waste. Our team is passionate about improving sustainability and convenience in retail. We are excited to connect with people who share this passion!

Why We Exist

Our Mission

To accelerate global waste reduction while providing a useful tool for both retailers and shoppers.

Our Vision

To eliminate all paper receipts by making every receipt, a PayTrail receipt.

Who We Are

The PayTrail Team

Kimberley Baldwin | Co-Founder

Kim is an environmental engineer who loves solving problems, telling stories and being with people. Kim uses her love of visiting to cover up her true computer nerd nature; she can often be found enjoying the outdoors or going on adventures. Want to talk to Kim about PayTrail’s values? Reach out at kimberley@mypaytrail.com!

Carmen Johanson | Co-Founder

Carmen is an environmental engineer (notice a pattern here?) with an entrepreneurial mind and an eclectic spirit. Carm loves to try new things and spends her spare time volunteering, playing sports, and biking the streets of Saskatoon. Want to talk to Carm about PayTrail’s values? Reach out at carmen@mypaytrail.com!

What Connects Us

Our Values



Environmental Stewardship


Join the Movement

Waste in retail is everyone’s responsibility. Let’s work together to create better.