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Save Costs

Say goodbye to wasting time and money on thermal paper orders! Stop allocating budget towards something no customer wants, a paper receipt. PayTrail offers a virtual receipt option that customers actually use.

Get To Know Your Customers

Access valuable data on shopping behavior with PayTrail Insights. Serve your customers like never before.

Personalize Your Marketing

Reach customers directly through their PayTrail account. Revolutionize receipt marketing and enhance customer engagement with links to surveys and personalized ads based on their shopping habits.

Reduce Your Impact

Grow towards a sustainable future without breaking the bank. Reduce waste generation and become a leader in sustainability.

A Simple Solution For A Big Problem

Thermal Paper Costs

Canadian retailers are spending $121M annually on thermal paper alone.

Waste Generation

The receipt paper waste generated in Canada every year could wrap around the Earth over 100 times

Response Rates and Engagement

Retailers see less than 0.5% response rates on receipt surveys and promos.

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Give your customer what they want. Integrate with PayTrail today!