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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I forget to use PayTrail at the till and get a paper receipt?

No problem! The PayTrail App has a built-in receipt scanner to include paper receipts in your profile

Where can I use PayTrail?

You can use PayTrail to store all of your receipts! For stores that offer email receipt or are integrated with us, you can send your receipt directly from till to your account. If that’s not an option, you can scan a paper receipt or create your own.

How do gift receipts work?

 You will have the ability to send gift receipts from your Paytrail account to other users.

What about Buy & Sell platforms?

My PayTrail will have a “build a receipt” feature where a seller is able to build a receipt and send to the buyer’s PayTrail account; creating the ability to purchase track in a market that wasn’t available before.

What if all the stores I shop at don’t have PayTrail?

We need YOUR help as consumers to encourage the PayTrail platform at your preferred stores. If you want to see it, please vocalize that to your favourite providers!